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ITOCHU REIT Management Co., Ltd., is the asset management company of the ITOCHU Group, a general trading company with its strength in the consumer-related sector and also a real estate developer with a long history of real estate development. We manage Advance Residence Investment Corporation and Advance Logistics Investment Corporation, J-REITs, Advance Private Investment Corporation, a private placement REIT, and private funds.

Since the merger of AD Investment Management, Co., Ltd., and the former ITOCHU REIT Management Co., Ltd., on June 1, 2022, we have steadily expanded property information acquisition opportunities, share and sophisticate asset management know-how, streamline the asset management structure.

We will steadily expand assets under management making the maximum use of the functions of the ITOCHU Group than before, and we will continue to provide services that fully satisfy our tenants and tenant companies by taking advantage of our distinctive engineering function (the function to maintenance assets and enhance their value), among other means.

In recent years, the environment surrounding the financial and real estate sectors have continued to change, such as the transformation of employment patterns, changes in the choice of a place of residence due to the diversification of values, and the expansion of online shopping transactions. Under these circumstances, we will take on bold challenges in the fields to be tackled and ensure long-term stable growth while leveraging the features of rental residences and logistics facilities with relatively low investment risk.

We also recognize the importance of sustainable corporate management and unrelenting efforts toward sustainability in our asset management operations, and will actively promote efforts to resolve climate change and social issues.

We are committed to further explore and enhance our asset management structure in order to continue to be a company that “constantly provide all stakeholders with a sense of reassurance, credibility, and expectation." which is also our corporate philosophy.

We respectfully ask for your continued support.

Junichi Shoji
Representative Director, President & CEO
ITOCHU REIT Management Co., Ltd.

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