ITOCHU REIT Management Co., Ltd.

ITOCHU REIT Management Co., Ltd.

ITOCHU REIT Management Co., Ltd.
is the asset management company of
ITOCHU Advance Logistics Investment Corporation.
ITOCHU Advance Logistics Investment Corporation.



Junichi Shoji President

ITOCHU REIT Management Co., Ltd. is an asset manager for ITOCHU Advance Logistics Investment Corporation (IAL), a J-REIT specializing in logistics real estate. Thanks to the generous support of unitholders and other stakeholders, IAL was listed on the Real Estate Investment Trust Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange on September 7, 2018. I first of all would like to extend my deepest gratitude to our stakeholders for their continued support.

From the time of the listing to the end of 2018, however, logistics J-REITs were weak in general, with IAL being no exception. In an effort to overcome such trend and to prompt the market to reassess IAL’s value, we have made a concerted effort, together with the sponsor, ITOCHU Corporation, to develop and carry out various measures since the start of 2019. While we believe that these measures have received a certain degree of recognition, we remain committed to carry out our duties as an asset manager, implementing what needs to be done on a timely basis and fulfilling our corporate mission of expanding fan base of IAL, based on the “collaborative growth relationship” with ITOCHU group.

Going forward, the logistics real estate market is expected to see continued strong demand by tenant companies, supported by various factors including sophisticated supply chain management systems, growing number of online shopping transactions, and expanding 3PL (third-party logistics) industry. On the other hand, there has been a prominent gap in the supply-demand balance between geographic areas, as tenant companies become increasingly selective in their choice of properties, including areas they move into, against the backdrop of improving transportation infrastructure, ongoing labor shortage, and property supply increase due to entry of new developers. However, the vacancy gap between geographic areas are expected to diminish eventually on the back of solid demand.

We believe that we have now entered a stage where we are required more than ever to develop and lease logistics real estate with a concrete understanding of tenant demand, underpinned by close communication with tenant firms. We will continue to seek maximization of unitholder value by developing a quality portfolio through fully taking advantage of two characteristic platforms of the ITOCHU Group: the Realty and Logistics (R/L) Platform, which is the resource for property supply; and the Group-wide Merchant Channel (M/C) Platform, the customer network resource (which are derived from the Group’s strengths in consumer goods such as apparel and food, and extensive track record in logistics real estate development), as well as by ensuring financial and cash management that prioritizes stability and efficiency.

Furthermore, we will work to provide all its stakeholders with sense of assurance and reliability by ensuring compliance with laws and regulations.

We respectfully ask for your continued support going forward.

June 2019
Junichi Shoji
Representative Director, President & CEO
ITOCHU REIT Management Co., Ltd.

Management Philosophy & Management Policies

Management Philosophy

Our aim is to maximize unitholder value by securing stable profit for unitholders over the long term. Additionally, we wish to contribute to the sound development of the J-REIT market.
To this end, we will create a corporate culture to engage in investment management operations with a strong sense of ethics and responsibility and a passionate approach.

Management Policies

  1. We will prioritize securing long-term, stable profit for unitholders at all times, aiming to maximize unitholder value.
  2. Working in collaboration with a variety of stakeholders, including the ITOCHU Group, we will build a superior management system.
  3. Through our strong sense of ethics and our keen awareness of compliance, we will keep in mind IRM's social responsibility at all times, and conduct our operations fairly and appropriately.
  4. We will disclose financial and other information accurately, promptly, and in a format that is easy for unitholders to understand, to maintain the transparency of the business.
  5. We will supply superior leasing facilities for logistics in response to market needs, and strive to further boost our tenants' satisfaction.

Corporate Information

Corporate Name
ITOCHU REIT Management Co., Ltd.
3-6-5 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Junichi Shoji, Representative Director, President & CEO
¥200 million
February 15, 2017
ITOCHU Corporation: 80%
ITOCHU Property Development, Ltd.: 20%
Licenses and Registrations
Financial Instruments Business License, Director of the Kanto Finance Bureau, (Kinsho) Registration No. 3027
Building Lots and Building Transactions Business License, Governor of Tokyo (1) No. 100434
Discretionary Transaction Agent License, Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Registration No. 121

Organization Chart

Organization Chart