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Sustainability Policy and Sustainability Promotion Framework

Based on the understanding that addressing global environmental challenges and social issues is one of the most important items in management policy, we have established our Sustainability Policy for real estate investment management operations with the intention of contributing to the achievement of a sustainable society.

Sustainability Policy

  1. Legal compliance and the establishment of an organizational structure
    We will establish an appropriate organizational structure to ensure compliance with laws and regulations on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors and to prevent risks.
  2. Efforts toward achievement of a decarbonized society
    We will contribute to achieving a decarbonized society and to mitigating climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the operation of our property holdings by installing energy efficient equipment and adopting renewable energy.
  3. Resource conservation and waste reduction
    We will contribute to the achievement of a society that conserves and recycles resources by encouraging tenants to conserve power and water and to recycle waste.
  4. Employee education
    We will foster employee awareness of environmental considerations and promote environment-friendly practices through education and awareness-raising activities.
  5. Collaboration with internal and external stakeholders
    We will strive to offer high quality properties to tenants and contribute to local communities through collaboration with our employees and other stakeholders including property management companies.
  6. Transparent disclosure
    When disclosing our ESG-related policies and initiatives, we will take the perspective of unitholders and make disclosures easy to understand.

Promoting Sustainability

We have defined the direction that we will take in promoting sustainability based on our Corporate Philosophy and Management Policy and on changes in our operating environment as our Sustainability Policy, and we are pursuing it as an organization in a systematic manner. In doing so, we have established KPIs for material issues, which are the priority challenges that the Company and our investment corporations must find solutions to, and we are implementing a PDCA cycle for target achievement.

Please click here to view our corporate philosophy and management policy.

Please follow the links below for details on material issues and targets of each investment corporation.

Sustainability Promotion Framework

In order to systematically pursue sustainability improvement activities, we have established the Sustainability Promotion Committee, which is chaired by the representative director, and the Sustainability Practical Committee, which is composed of employees responsible for actual operations in each department. The Sustainability Promotion Committee meets twice a year to implement a PDCA cycle with the aim of improving asset value over the medium to long term. The PDCA cycle consists of the following steps: formulate sustainability goals and initiatives, identify and evaluate climate-related risks and opportunities, analyze climate-related risks and manage them company-wide, monitor environmental performance as well as the results of ESG evaluation by external organizations, verify the degree of achievement of goals, and reset goals for remaining challenges and new challenges. In addition, the Sustainability Practical Committee is responsible for pursuing the various measures necessary to achieve the goals.
Goals are set by the representative director, who is the chief executive officer of sustainability, and the progress made toward goals and on initiatives is reported to the Board of Directors and to each investment corporation’s executive committee once every six months.

Officer and Employee Training

To enhance sustainability awareness, we have awareness-raising programs for our officers and employees including regular sustainability training (internal training as well as training by professional instructors; twice a year or more), power-saving challenges at employees’ homes, and events promoting the SDGs.

ITOCHU Corporation’s Sustainability Policy

ITOCHU Corporation, our main sponsor, has defined its direction on promoting sustainability in its Sustainability Policy and has formulated Sustainability Action Plans, which identify key sustainability challenges. ITOCHU Corporation pursues sustainability based on a PDCA cycle through such efforts as holding semi-annual review meetings.
Details can be found here.

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Initiatives

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