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Total Assets under managementabout 666.3 billion yen

  • The balance of assets under management is as of March 31,2024.
  • Rounded to the nearest 1 hundred million yen.

Changes in assets under management

*REITs figures reflect the acquisition price as of the latest settlement date, taking into account prices of property acquisitions and sales that occurred between the day following the settlement date to the end of March each year.
*For some private funds, the amount invested by equity investors is considered as the balance of assets under management.

The Investment Corporations and Their Businesses

Listed REITs

J-REIT specializing in rental housing

One of the largest residential J-REITs in terms of assets. Based on the basic policy of 'realizing long-term, stable distributions of profits', it has built a well-balanced portfolio with diversified investments in investment areas and types of residential units. Advance Residence Investment Corporation has developed the rental residential brand RESIDIA. It responds to various lifestyles and offers the value of comfortable living.

J-REIT specializing in logistics facilities

Aiming to develop a logistics infrastructure for which demand is revitalized due to the expansion of EC transactions, etc., mainly through their ownership and operation of the “i Missions Park” logistics facilities. In addition, they strive to stabilize profits over the long term by utilizing the customer network and logistics operations experience that the ITOCHU Group has with logistics companies and shippers. (The company name was changed from ITOCHU Advance Logistics Investment Corporation on June 1, 2022.)

Private REIT

Comprehensive Private REIT

An unlisted, open-ended REIT for institutional investors. They undergo operations aiming for both stability and expansion of profitability by building a comprehensive portfolio that includes assets with stable cash flow such as rental housing, logistics facilities, and commercial facilities (land), as well as assets with growth potential such as offices and accommodation facilities.

Private placement fund business

The private placement fund business engages in asset management of real estate private funds, and aim to maximize investor profits by formulating and executing investment strategies that meet the needs of investors.
They also handle private placements for overseas real estate funds and strive to offer new investment opportunities for domestic institutional investors.

Organizational Chart

Business Operations

Compliance and Risk Management Department

To establish and carry out a compliance (legal compliance) system, the office carries out operations related to the Company’s compliance and risk management in cooperation with the compliance officer, who is in charge of overall management. In addition to conducting various compliance reviews and training in line with a compliance program formulated each year, it supervises risk control activities that are undertaken company-wide.

Internal Auditor

The office conducts objective audits from the standpoint of an independent division with the aim of contributing to the sound development of the Company and corporate value enhancement. It evaluates the risk control status in each department and supports each department so that effectiveness can be confirmed and business improvement can be carried out without fail.

General Affairs and Management Division

In addition to promoting sustainability-related measures across the company, the headquarters is in charge of personnel operations including recruitment, planning training, and attendance management as well as general affairs operations such as dealing with government agencies and managing general meetings of shareholders. In addition, it is the headquarters for supporting medium- to long-term growth of the Company through involvement with system development, management and operations to promote smoother operation of business as well as formulation and administration of management plans.

Finance and Accounting Division

Headquarters consisting of the financial division which manages various financing, such as borrowing for investment corporations that entrust the Company with asset management and issuance of investment corporation bonds, and the accounting division that handles daily taxation and preparation of securities reports, etc. that become important disclosure material for accounting-related work and investment decisions for the various investment corporations.

Engineering Division

Responsible for asset management of owned real estate based on specialized knowledge regarding buildings. From formulating plans for large-scale repair work to determining detailed specifications for individual construction, the headquarters makes it possible to reduce construction period and costs required through in-house production, and also contributes to increasing the value of owned real estate.

Residence Division ・ Logistics Division

The Residence Division is in charge of “Advance Residence Investment Corporation”, and The Logistics Division is in charge of “Advance Logistics Investment Corporation”. Respectively, handling real estate sales and management of owned real estate, aiming to maximize the profits obtained from real estate. It is the basis of profit sharing for the investors. IR services to provide appropriate information disclosure and explanations to investors and services for raising funds from the capital market are also offered.

Private Capital Division

In charge of real estate sales and management of owned real estate of the comprehensive private REIT “Advance Private Investment Corporation” (scheduled to commence operations in July 2022). The headquarters is also in charge of the private capital fund business, which is engaged in the asset management business for real estate private funds and the handling of private placements of overseas real estate funds.

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